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                     <Remembering The Greatest Harness Horses> 

            Dan Patch



         Cardigan Bay

         Nevele Pride

         Bret Hanover

            Cam Fella

           Jate Lobell 


            Mr Dalrae

       Rocknroll Hanover


            Foiled Again

          Nevele Pride

          Rambling Willie

       Falcon Seelster

         Mack Lobell


             Beach Towel

Somebeachsomewhere / Art Official 


           Gallo Blue Chip

Silk Stockings/Tarport Hap

            Red Bow Tie

         On The Road Again

            Adios Butler

         Bee A Magician

           Cr Kay Suzie

Hothead vs Forrest Skipper

       2003 NORTH AMERICA CUP> Yankee Cruiser

The Best Little Brown jug of all time

  1983 Cam Fella vs. Its Fritz

1984 Docs Fella - Roosevelt Raceway

  1989 George Morton Levy Memorial 

  Lew Williams driving April's Skipper

           Precious Bunny

1978 Meadowlands Pace - Stars Galore

         Une De Mai retirement

  International Trot 1971 -Une de Mai

1982- International Trot- Ideal du Gazeau




   Falcon Seelster - 1986

          Continental Victory

  He's Watching - Meadowlands Pace

North America Cup - Somebeachsomewhere

Fresh Yankee- 1970 International Trot

              Roquépine - Equidia Live

1971- Albatross and Nansemond

           Taser Gun 

           Bomb Rickles

      Cam`s Card Shark

         Self Possessed

 Sebastian K trots a 1:49 world record

             Meadowlands Pace - Wiggle It Jiggleit

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