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                    <Purchase  'DNRS' Selections For The Tracks Listed Below> 




 Viva 'DNRS'

     MEMBERSHIP FULL NO NEW MEMBERS                                BEING ACCEPTED

       'Final Option' Trained By                           Dan Nance

      Nobody Has Numbers Like                        'DNRS' Nobody!

Have A Nice Day!!  More Winners On The Way!! 

              'DNRS' Professional Selections Nightly WINNERS-GIMMICKS-Pick 4's-Pick 5's Nothing compares to the

                                                                                 'DNRS' Rating System!

                                                                                 Purchase DAILY Hawthorne - selections at $10 per card

                                                                         Purchase Pick-Pack of (5) Hawthorne - selections at $40 (save $10)

                                                                         Purchase Pick-Pack of (10) Hawthorne selections at $80 (save $20)

                                                                       Purchase monthly selections at $150 a month (20) cards (save $50)

                         Purchase selections annually at $900 a year (212) cards (save $260)  All racing days for 1 year from date of purchase. 

                    NOTE CUTOFF TIME:  >>>>>>>>>>>>  PURCHASE NUMBERS BY 1PM PACIFIC-3PM CENTRAL-4PM EASTERN  <<<<<<<<<<<<<






                                                                   PLACE DAILY ORDERS BY 5:PM CENTRAL 6:PM EASTERN

                                                                Contact 'DNRS' at for other payment options  

                                                                                         Selections Sent Via E-Mail after Purchase


                                                                                                 COPYRIGHT © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

                                              THE MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE INCLUDING 'DNRS' NUMBERS MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED, REWRITTEN, OR REDISTRIBUTED, IN ANY FORM WITHOUT CONSENT                                       

 Daily $10

Pick-Pack (5) $40

Pick-Pack (10) $80

One Month (20) Cards $150

     Illinois Harness Hall of Fame Drivers

 Pick-Pack (5)


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